Did you know?

Did you know Riverfront Children’s Center added in a new classroom of preschool and school-age children in 2014, and renovated the oldest preschool room to add bathrooms and a school age space in 2015? We added 17 new spaces in our preschool program and 10 more school age children!  We also built two playgrounds that are now open for the children. We sincerely thank all the volunteer groups that helped to make our expansion possible. 
Please contact Kimberly Dole at 860-445-8151 to arrange for a tour! 

The community garden and new orchard at Riverfront Children’s Center had a wonderful growing season that is coming to a close. We appreciate all the community does to help make our garden and orchard a success. Thank you to GetGrowingCT.org and Bonnie Plant Farm for the donation of more than 2,000 and assorted vegetable plants including tomatoes, peppers, and okra. 

Gratitude goes out to our community for the collaboration; more people locally now have access to fresh, home-grown fruits and vegetables. Please consider helping us in the 2016 growing season. In the spring, after the ground thaws, we will need help preparing the garden site and mulching. During summer we will need help planting, weeding, watering and harvesting. 

Contact Susan Corrice at 860-445-8151 if you would like to help with the garden for spring 2016, or if you would like to help us build our new tranquility garden in 2016. All families are welcome to share in the food we grow. See the Site Director for more information about how you can help be a part of our harvesting program.

In addition, we are looking for help with several fundraising projects at Riverfront. Contact Marci Crompton or Susan Corrice at 860-445-2831 if you would like to lend a hand.