Continuing Volunteer opportunities 

In addition to short term opportunities, there are also ways to help on a more long term and consistent basis. Some examples of ways to volunteer include:

  • Overseeing the full Learning Garden Season, and organizing volunteers to come and upkeep the space with the children
  • Sharing a special talent you might have with a classroom of children (playing a musical instrument, science projects, drama, sewing, cooking, lap-reading, different art medium, etc) over the full course of a year in repeated visits
  • Becoming a Board Member
  • Joining the standing Development Event Committee
  • Joining the Capital Campaign Committee or other Board subcommittee
  • Long-term classroom volunteers (assisting teachers with activities over a the course of the year)

Please contact the Development Coordinator Kersten Elenteny at 860-445-8151 to talk about the kind of volunteer skills you or your organization might be able to share with Riverfront on a long-term and continuing basis.

We look forward to hearing from you!